Services and Rates

Massage Services

The Rub Chicago provides clients with massage tailored to their specific needs. Unlike a traditional spa setting, we focus on health & wellness and offer therapeutic massage. Every appointment starts with setting a goal for the session. We do not single out massage techniques but blend all of them to meet your goals. Some of the techniques we will utilize are:

  • spa/relaxation
  • therapeutic/clinical
  • tapotement
  • sports
  • swedish
  • deep tissue
  • sinus drainage
  • myofascial release
  • trigger point therapy
  • neuromuscular
  • PNF
  • and more!

Massage Rates
*No Gratuity Accepted (see policy)

The Tune Up Massage – 30 minutes  60.00
Great for specific needs. Forearms. Feet. Neck. This is for you!

Regular’s Massage – 60 minutes  105.00
Great for full-body massage. Head to foot, including hands and feet. Named for the clients who come regularly, every two-weeks.

Much Needed Massage – 90 minutes   150.00
Perfect for a thorough full-body massage with multiple trouble areas, to treat chronic pain, for initial consults, and once-a-month visitors.

SuperDuper Massage – 120 minutes   195.00
Quite the overhaul for mind, body, and spirit. Two hours will be spent on a full-body massage, head to toe, with focus given to your areas of need.

On-Site / Chair Massage / Corporate Massage **DISCONTINUED AT THIS TIME**


Please call for a quote. Cost is determined by time spent at location, length of each massage, and number of clients.

In-Home Massage

Not offered at this time.

Massage Packages

“The Rub Club!”

• 5-pack of Regular’s Massages (60-minutes each) 500.00

• 5-pack of Much Needed Massages (90-minutes each) 725.00

• 5-pack of Super Duper Massages (120-minutes each) 950.00