“Courtney approaches massage as a professional, and it shows in her work. Over multiple sessions, she has helped me uncover connections between speific life stressors and physical tension—beyond the obvious “hunching over a laptop = bad.” This info has helped me proactively remove stress from my work and home life.”
– Jason S.

“Courtney has an uncanny ability to zero in on tense muscles and work on them until the tension is completely gone. I travel constantly and usually return from a trip with my muscles all in knots. Courtney always manages to fix that with a single massage therapy session.”
– Michael G.

“As an endurance athlete, I have been going to Courtney for almost a year now for all my pre-race and post-race recovery massages. She incorporates deep tissue massage with stretching. I have seen significant improvements in my performance over the past year and I attribute a large portion of that to her. My legs recover quicker, which allows me to train longer and harder. Plus, she is an extremely down to earth person and makes the entire experience relaxing and comfortable.”
– Eric E.

“I’m a massage snob. Most therapists I’ve dealt with don’t take the time to focus on a particular area and really work through things. Not the case here. I suffer from scoleosis, and Courtney was able to locate the areas impacts as well as explain to me the way it impacts other related areas. I’m going back, for sure.”
– Shawn R.

“Courtney is my foot doctor!! My very flat feet are full of knots from playing basketball and when it gets painful I go see the Doc. Courtney has me back on my feet (pun intended) the next day. She is attentive to my needs and has helped me understand what causes the pains and how to prevent it on my own. She has endless energy and enthusiasm for her job. I would recommend her for men looking for deep tissue relief, other massage therapists never seem to have the strength to truly work out the knots and she gets it done every time.”
– Adam B.

“I was very satisfied with my experience. It is clear that Courtney has a passion for therapeutic massage therapy. She’s really knowledgeable in her field and is incredibly helpful in getting rid of aches and pains! She gives an outstanding deep tissue massage, and is also willing to tailor the massage to problem areas. As an added bonus, she always seems to offer very useful tips on how to help prevent the pain in the future because she has such a good understanding of how all the body’s parts work together. All in all, she’s genuinely talented at what she does. I’ll definitely be back!”
– Kim S.

“Courtney was awesome. The treatment itself was awesome. Pressure was awesome, as well as communication. She is good with trigger point therapy. I would love for her to work for me!”
-Anonymous client

“My experience with The Rub Chicago was a pleasure! Specific work to head, neck and feet was much appreciated. Excellent communication!”
-Anonymous client

“I don’t know what more to say, The Rub Chicago is awesome! Better than ‘Excellent’. Their therapist, Courtney, listens to her client’s needs really well. The pressure was just right and even over-all technique is perfect. Courtney has healing hands. Thank you!”
-Anonymous client


Our Clients

Though we can’t name our individual clients, since we are bound by HIPAA privacy laws (a good thing!), we can share with you some of our corporate and entertainment industry clients. It has been a pleasure to work with each of them at awesome Chicago venues like the United Center, Allstate Arena, Rosemont Theatre, Joe’s on Weed St., and our clients’ local corporate offices.

To book chair or table massage at an event, entertainment venue, or conference center, see our rates page and please call us at (773) 644.1044.