No Tipping Policy

We do not accept tips, but we do accept referrals!

The Rub Chicago is committed to upholding the standards of the massage profession and its therapists. Licensed Massage Therapists are licensed health care practitioners as determined by the State of Illinois, the issuer of our professional licenses. Since other health care professionals do not accept gratuity, we follow suit.

As a therapeutic massage practice focused on health and wellness, not a spa, we guarantee quality professional and therapeutic massage treatments each visit. Too often, clients see quality and effort of therapists in spa settings fluctuate depending upon the amount of tip left behind. The Rub Chicago’s No Tipping Policy keeps the focus on your treatment plan and collaborative health care.

We do wish to make a distinction: In a spa environment, where pay is often commission-based and in line with a service- and retail- based industry, tipping is necessary and encouraged to supplement low wages. So please do continue to tip your massage therapist when in a spa setting. If you don’t know if you should tip or not, simply ask!